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outside view of the foundry with it's hotel sign a room with a large glass wall and a large table with chairs a wood and metal staircase inside an brick walled room a hotel room with bed with white sheets. brick accent wall, and industrial themed art. a man holding a camera bedroom with double beds and large industrial window a person cutting into a breakfast toast with a cup of coffee A orange cocktail next to decorative plates a chandelier and decorative cieling workshop lounge bar area with blue high chairs a bed with a lamp on the side a plate of chicken a group of people sitting on a couch talking a glass of red wine next to a bottle of wine two women sitting at hotel bar with drinks a couple of women sitting at a table in a restaurant a table with two glasses of wine, a wine bottle, flowers, and food on it a guest sitting in a chair reading a person sitting in a car a women on a spiral staircase a group of people clinking wine glasses a woman pointing to a plant wall decor in the shape of the foundry logo white modern potted plants in rustic hotel lobby a bar with a large table and chairs a man and a woman talking a room with a piano and chairs a table with flowers and candles text a group of women sitting on a bench with a dog a room with tables and chairs a person walking a dog a group of people sitting at a table a table with plates of food a person pouring a drink into a glass with limes a brick building with a black awning and plants in front of it a slice of orange on a pink plate a man pouring a drink into a glass a group of people sitting in a room a person holding a cup a room with tables and chairs